Report on the activities of the Centre for Criminal Tax Law in Turin (Italy) for the year 2008

di Maria Cristina Bruno

Vice President of “Centre for Criminal Tax Law” based on Turin, Italy


The Centre for Criminal Tax Law, established in 1995, numbers about one hundred partners residing throughout Italy (university professors, magistrates, lawyers, accountants, officers of the Financial Administration) among whom are names prestigious as particular specialists of the Criminal Tax Law sector.

The Centre is based in Turin, but as part of it are some “Study Groups” in other cities too (at present in Rome, Milan, Vicenza, Siracusa and Bari) which implement their activity through scientifically independent meetings and study in depth, yet ever in respect of the Centre purposes.

During 2008 – in addition to numerous meetings of the partners to discuss problems related to Tax Law, Criminal Law and European Community Law, as raised by recent regulations or through the analyses of case law tendencies – the following Conventions have been held, sponsored by professional Societies, industrial Unions, banks and other entities both private and public, which drew a vast public interest and press notices:

  • Turin (February 01, 2008):  “Annual partners’ meeting of the Centre for Criminal Tax Law”


  • Turin (February 26, 2008): conference on “The confiscation for equivalent and the preventive attachment for tax crimes”
  • Milan (March 3, 2008): convention on “Tax crimes: the present questions and criminal risk for international tax planning”
  • Trier–Germany (April 10-11, 2008): annual Forum on "Combating corruption and fraud in the EU”


  • Vicenza (April 18, 2008): conference on “Tax assessments and bank survey: transfer pricing  and tax crimes”
  • Siracusa (May 23, 2008): conference on “Tax crimes, preventive measures and criminal aspects”


  • Ljubljana–Slovenia (May 30-31, 2008): annual meeting of the Lawyers Associations Presidents on “Protection of the EC financial interests and the developments of European criminal law”
  • Milan (July 1, 2008): workshop on “Financial survey: economic and administrative sanctions”


  • Turin (December 02, 2008): workshop on ”Criminal tax law: up-to-date news”

Other conventions and conferences are planned for the year 2009 in Pinerolo, Florence, Turin, Alessandria, Monza, Treviso,  and some of them are already in the organizational stages.

For further information on the Centre for Criminal Tax Law of Turin, on its past and planned activities, please visit its web site:

With kind regards,

Turin-Rome, July  3, 2009


The President


The Vice President
(dr. Maria Cristina BRUNO)